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Kitchen Islands
Kitchen Islands
Beautiful antique dressers and other furniture are turned into stunning yet functional showpieces for your kitchen. Attention to detail, exquisite craftsmanship and the highest quality products are used to turn simple into elegant, and style into vintage perfection. Custom orders are always welcome.
Vintage Painting
Vintage Painting
Sometimes a treasured antique, or a favorite piece of furniture needs a little help to turn into the gorgeous upcycled statement you are trying to make. From kitchen cabinets, to armoires and bookcases, let us take your treasure and give it a new life. We have been trained to paint just about anything.
Signs, Planter Boxes and More
Signs, Planter Boxes and More
We take 150 year old barn wood and turn it into a fun functional piece. We make coat racks, signs and herb planters that have pizazz and charisma. Who knew that a old red barn could be turned into something so spectacular. If you have an idea for us, please let us know.
Where we bring Vintage to the Present
Where we bring Vintage to the Present
Vintage is a style all its own, and here at the Vintage Kitchen we pride ourselves on delivering the absolute best in vintage pieces. Whether you are looking for the perfect kitchen island, or just a small accent piece, find it at The Vintage Kitchen. Custom orders are just about our favorite thing to do.

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We sell beautiful treasures, we paint EVERYTHING vintage and we make your home warm and full of character.

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