Turn Your Old Nightstand Into A Kitchen Island

Cece B

We created a petit island out of an antique cherry wood nightstand and so can you! Depending on the quality of the wood, you can make something that will last many years and add a pop of color and functionality to your kitchen.

As you can see, we forgot to take a before picture of Cassidy because we were too excited to get started on her; whoops! We started with a cherry wood nightstand similar to this one though.

We always start by sanding down the piece to get off any old paint or sealant on the outside. For Cassidy, we chose to paint her with a tiffany blue chalk paint but you can choose any color that matches your kitchen! After we finished a couple coats and sealed her, we added reproduction caster wheels to give the nightstand a little height. This will help with the functionality in your kitchen as well as make it easier to move around. Sometimes with these antique pieces the wood can be so heavy, so we love to add wheels when we can.

Finally, we finished off Cassidy with our signature butcher block top with a walnut stain and some final hardware. We think the butcher block really brings the whole look together and makes it more kitchen appropriate but you can finish the piece however you like. The hardware adds functionality, makes it obvious that it’s a kitchen piece, and is just so darn cute! This was a job that took us a few days and we just love the outcome.

Let us know in the comments if you have questions, if you have a piece you’d like our help with, or just what you think about Cassidy’s makeover!

Head to our Etsy to find your Cassidy today 🙂

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