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Finding original antiques that can be transformed into a work of art is my passion! The transformation is also my passion.

It all started when I found my first beat up little wash stand from the early 1900’s. It was small and tired and made of oak, and had definitely been the center of someone’s bathroom long ago. I painted this very first piece a warm ivory, and then distressed and sealed it. I found some vintage factory cart wheels from the same era, up at a salvage store in Orange County, California. We added those and a solid birch butcher block, listed it for sale on Etsy and the rest is history.

People from all over the country (even Alaska!) are finding the Vintage Kitchen and we are shipping islands out to every part of the U.S. every week, vintageafying kitchens everywhere! I still am amazed when we get a call from places like New York City, or Charleston, South Carolina and the customer just has to have one of my islands.

It all starts with a simple antique piece that already exudes integrity, character and craftsmanship. A piece is not considered unless it is over 80 years old and has loads of potential.
Just by looking at a piece of furniture I can envision the creation it will become, whether it be an island, a bar or a buffet.
I absolutely love every single step of the process, from hunting for the antiques, stripping them down, painting them, staining and sealing.

Finding original antiques that can be transformed into a work of art is my passion!

I have taken classes and have mentors that are experts in craftsmanship, paint and finish, but most importantly, I just have a knack for all things vintage. I just love what happens when we repurpose an antique into something beautiful. Along the same lines I have fallen in love with red barn wood that is over 150 years old. This wood makes my heart sing! I have been designing pieces for the home from this incredible, patina stricken wood that scream vintage.

Perfectionism is definitely one of my downfalls, but I have to say because of it I am always thrilled with the outcome of my islands. From color choice to stain choice, to the hardware, I pride myself on creating unique works of art. My clients are always thrilled when they receive their piece, and most say it is better than they could even imagine, and I just love that.

American made truly matters and all of my work is from the United States. I even pride myself on using paints and hardware and products made in the U.S.A!

I absolutely love it when I get requests for custom orders. When clients want me to match their kitchen cabinets or they have an antique in need of a facelift, I get excited at the prospect. I have been restoring clients antiques for over a year now and hope to grow this part of my business. I have painted curios, buffets, dressers, armoires, bookshelves, shelves, corner cabinets and much more.
Adding just a touch of color to a plain piece of furniture can make all of the difference. No job is too small or insignificant. We love to help beautify your home.

I foresee the Vintage Kitchen Company growing to providing islands, painting and design services for years and years to come because it truly is my passion.

Please let us know what we can do for you to make your home truly vintage!

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